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Evgeny Shumbasov
Evgeny Shumbasov a licensed real estate agent serving the dynamic markets of Florida and New Jersey. With a decade of experience, he offers top-notch service to buyers and sellers alike. As an expert in local market trends, he provides personalized guidance for achieving your real estate goals. Search for properties, access market reports, and learn about the buying/selling process on his site. Contact Evgeny Shumbasov for a no-obligation consultation and let's make your real estate dreams a reality!
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Areas that best suit your lifestyle.

A picturesque city located on the east coast of Florida that attracts tourists and residents with its warm climate and care for the beaches. Here you can enjoy sports, surfing and windsurfing, as well as visit the rich cultural events and entertainment and cafes that enjoy the different cultures of the world.
is a prosperous area of ​​Miami that attracts with its modern architecture and high standard of living. There are many options for entertainment and sports, including chic restaurants and museums, shopping centers and parks for recreation. Excellent transport links make it possible to move freely around the city, regardless of the chosen route.
Fort Lauderdale
is a resort town on the east coast of Florida. This city offers a wide range of options for living and recreation, including clean beaches, rich cultural and sports activities, and beautiful places for walking. There are many parks, museums and places for entertainment with children.
Jersey City
is a city full of life and opportunity, located right next to New York City. There are many parks, museums, restaurants and bars, as well as excellent infrastructure, including nearby hospitals & schools. A peaceful place to stay with great views of Manhattan and plenty of cultural activities.
is a picturesque place in the state of New Jersey, surrounded by mountains and forests. There are all conditions to enjoy the beautiful nature, including hiking and cross-country skiing. In addition, Alpine has prestigious residential areas, while at the same time, extensive infrastructure allows you to enjoy comfort for all residents.
is a picturesque New Jersey city surrounded by history and culture. There are many parks, museums, concert halls and other places for self-development and leisure, as well as a developed infrastructure, which makes it a comfortable place to live. Excellent transport links allow you to quickly get to New York, making it an attractive place to live and work.
A state with a wonderful climate, rich nature and extensive sandy beaches. It has all the conditions for a successful life, including well-paid jobs, good education and affordable real estate. For leisure, there are many amusement parks, water parks and other attractions that are suitable for both children and adults.
New Jersey
A state that offers what you need for a comfortable life. There are many parks for children and families, high-quality medical infrastructure, a high level of education and affordable real estate. New Jersey is close to New York, so you can enjoy everything this city has to offer. This is the place where you will find harmony between work and life.
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Evgeny Shumbasov



Salesperson | New Jersey | Florida

Florida license # 3566235 | Florida Best Realty

New Jersey license # 2322086 |СityLiving Realtors


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